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Marine english test

  • Тест по английскому для моряков

    Welcome to your Marine test

    Close the safety …
    This tank is … . You need to refill it.
    Sea water is used to cool the … .
    One stroke compresses air in the cylinder to … the fuel oil.
    The ship is disabled dead ahead. We need … … as soon as possible!
    In special circumstances a … to diesel oil may become necessary.
    The temperature control system can, by means of a … , by-pass the cooler totally or partly.
    If you find a fire, start … .
    The … goes upward and downward in the cylinder.
    The starting air compressors are … .
    More than two compressors may be installed to supply … required.
    The engine is provided with two … auxiliary blowers.
    It is important to get almost … power output from each cylinder.
    The density of the anti-freeze mixture must be checked by a …
    The crankcase … were sometimes very serious with loss of life.
    Stop all … of oil when there is overflow.
    Any … discharged ashore should be recorded in the Oil Record Book and shore receipts kept.

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